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What is the next step for toe sleeves?

From wet shoes, to toe sleeves, back to wet shoes, then on to testable toe sleeves, and finally back again to wet shoes, what is the ultimate solution for interventionless toe initiation? Probably something that is as easy to run as pipe, as reliable as a wet shoe, and offers all the benefits of “smart” or testable toe sleeves.

Que the NeXstep Dissolvable Toe Initiation Sub:

    • Exceeds casing burst and collapse
    • Unlimited casing test abilities
    • Full bore ID
    • Matched pipe OD
    • No moving parts
    • Cheaper than wet shoe systems
    • Zero constraints for running or cementing


The NeXstep Dissolvable Toe Initiation Sub, with our patent pending and field proven 100% reliable technology, we will change the standard for toe initiation. Currently available for select leading operators and service companies.

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NexGen Oil Tools NexStep Dissolvable Toe Initiator for Fracking Oil

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